Shenyang Dahua Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. founded in 1987, is located in Shenyang known as a famous historic and cultural city. Since its establishment, the company, under the tenet of “Create the Brand by Credit, Build the Perfection by Details” and the business philosophy of “People First, Scientific Management, Constant Innovation”, has made constant development. After years’ efforts, its products are available not only in dozens of cities throughout China, but also in five counties of Central Asia, Outer Mongolia, Russia and North Korea. Its branches spread Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang and other provinces. During its development, it has established the overall policy of production, sale and a package after-sales service, successfully realized the strategic objective of three strides including building, expansion and development, and made glorious achievement in the principle of “Win Reputation by Benefit, Build Brand by Credit and Create Benefit by Brand”.

        The company has obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System certificate, China National Industrial Product Manufacture License, the agricultural subsidy of China Liaoning Province, and titles of “Most Competitive Engineering and Trade Enterprise”, “Most Favorable Brand”, “Chinese Credit Product”, “Liaoning Credit Famous Enterprise” in the top ten comparison of China refrigeration industry, and “American Emerson Sale Grand Champion”. Jiahua Refrigeration Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. obtained national qualification licenses of central air-conditionings, cleaning air-conditionings, and cold storage installation. The company boasts its advanced equipment such as NC turret punching machines, NC bending machines, high-speed punching machines for processing aluminum fin-stock, bending machines for processing copper pipes, elbow forming machines, hydraulic pipe expanding machines, shell press forming hydraulic machines, large tonnage punching machines and shell-and-tube welding automatic submerged arc welding machines, and new technologies such as acid pickling, phosphating and metal surface plastic spraying.

        By employing advanced equipment and technologies, the company designed and developed a series of high-quality refrigeration air-conditioning products, such as air-cooled and water-cooled refrigeration compression condensation units, parallel connection units, suspension-type store air coolers, center-channel fans, air-cooled and water-cooled condensers, dry evaporators, air-cooled and water-cooled water-chiller units, new second-generation U-type all-in-one machines, V-type all-in-one machines, fan coils, source hot-pump seafood refrigerating and heating machines and mating computer full-automatic electrical cabinets, among which some products have obtained the national technical patents. After constant efforts, the products, which are characterized by novel appearance, stable quality and perfect after-sales service system, have won trust and approval from customers, enjoying heavy demand and wide application.

        “Products Represents Moral Quality, Quality Means Life” is the occupation belief of Dahua people. In the enterprising and innovative spirit, they work hard to improve properties of products, ensure top product quality and perfect details by continuous research and searching. Moreover, its five-star after-sales service makes people get rid of worry about Dahua products. At present, the company enters a new period of quick development in a new gesture. It will continue to produce high-tech products which bring high increasing rate and high benefit so as to benefit the society and people.